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Why most people would be better without choice

In a bizarre way, I envy what my parents had. When I was born, the town was some 10,000 people. There was one, and only one, stoplight on the main road.

Nowadays? The town is approaching 100,000. The main road has 23 stoplights, last I counted.

But they didn’t have the magnitude of so many choices. In some ways, this is sad. In others, it’s a blessing in disguise.

They didn’t have the whole world at their fingertips. They wanted to be close to family, so that narrowed it down to a 1-2 hour radius of places. And then they picked one. It’s where my sister and I grew up, and they made a home of it.

Their biggest choice (apparently the town itself was easy), was deciding where to buy their first house.

Your modern person looking to settle and make a life doesn’t have the luxury of a lack of choices.

Instead, we’ve got the option of Continent A and Continent B. Both continents have a dozen countries within them, and thousands of cities within the countries, and hundreds of neighborhoods in the cities.

How can one be happy with just one when you can have them all?

The Internet, our greatest blessing and also our greatest curse. My parents would have never considered going to Chiang Mai, Thailand for half of a year. The Internet wasn’t there to show them hundreds of apartments with different luxuries. It wasn’t there to show them 100 different booking websites so they could get the best airline deal. And it wasn’t full of information from people already there and doing it.

But, the great thing is.

If you want to spend a few months with the view of the mountains of Chiang Mai, you can.

If you want to live on the main drag of Moscow, you can.

Want the beaches of Bali, or maybe South America? You can.

All of it is possible because of the information on the internet.

Alright, that’s enough of my woeful reminiscing of the past that I’ll never see.

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  • February 1, 2018
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