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What do feminists and the Cheesecake Factory have in common?

Damian Pros recently tweeted:

“Will launch a business course for $25,000 where if you don’t pass my test you cannot use anything you learnt to get a job,but I will keep ur money & allow u to pay me again for another course. I will have someone who never owned a business teach u. Legit? It’s called “college””


I’ve shared my thoughts on college before (great in Europe and it’s free, maybe okay if you study worthwhile stuff in the US, worthless otherwise), so no need to rehash that.

I’d like to dig deeper into “real life application” though; one of the college’s favorite buzzwords to use.

Take this Feminist Liberal Artistic Dance Studies Class! Lots of REAL LIFE APPLICATION USES!!!

Exhibit A:

How to grind coffee and doodle pictures in the foamed milk.

Exhibit B:

The 10 most effective way to memorize the Cheesecake Factory menu.

It’s a shame college doesn’t teach you some practical things that every man could use in his day to day life.


How to talk to girls…

How to go on a date and be a charmer, instead of being a dweeb and then having those Feminist Liberal Artistic Dance Studies majors accuse you of harassment (like the Hollywood witch hunt currently going on)…

How to fuck a girl properly so she’d never dream of calling you an assault-ist (preferring to call you Daddy)…

Or, best of all, how to just fucking think for yourself instead of being brainwashed by whatever the professor has decided his or her opinion is…

Hell, maybe even a course that teaches you that there are a lot of places in the world and that one professor’s classroom is not an accurate representation of the whole world.

Like I said, good riddance.

I’m all about teaching real-life-practical tips, like how to talk to girls in foreign countries, and fuck them so good they’ll fly across a continent to hang out with you.

But wait, there’s more:

What if there was even guides that specifically broke down which countries to visit (based on what you look like and what you like in girls), explained the different cultural norms, and even taught you how to get to those places for free?

And even better:

What if it wasn’t $25,000 (every 6 months)?

I mean, how much is a college textbook these days (notice that they’re often written by the same professor teaching the class and requiring you to have said book), $250?

What if it was more like $10 a month?

Would you think that was a good deal?

God, I must be crazy.

Because it does exist.

Details here:


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  • January 17, 2018
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