I’d Rather a Ukrainian War Zone Than LA

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I just spent two days in LA, and I’m currently in a Holiday Inn Express in an outer LA borough…

…after ditching my AirBNB because the internet didn’t work and I had stuff I needed to get done…

…and now the internet here at the Holiday Inn doesn’t work…

(…hence why you haven’t gotten the usual daily email and why the Dating Abroad Podcast didn’t post this week…)

…and earlier tonight, so my girl could use a store’s restroom, I paid $9 for an organic Pineapple juice…(my fault, there was no price sticker and I shouldn’t have done it, but we had to in order to use the restroom)…

You know what?

I honestly think I’m good with never coming back to LA at this point.

But enough of my yammerin’. Because a reader writes in and asks:


i have been corresponding with a lady from Lugansk who states she works as a nurse in a military hospital. Because of this she states she is unable to travel to other parts of the Ukraine so that I could fly to see her.

She wants me to pay for an international passport which she will get in Lugansk ( only accepts cash payments so she states ) and then travel to Russia ( Moscow ) by bus before catching a plane to the UK.

Now I do not mind paying but I want to make sure this sounds plausible before doing so.

She states Sykpe is not available in Lugansk as I wanted to contact her by this means.

Could you please advise me or am I just being naïve in the first place.


Lugansk is one of the war areas of Ukraine that’s currently in “conflict”. Basically, it’s a place I really wouldn’t advise you to visit, unless you want to run some bomb shelter game on some hot Ukrainian girls…but I might take Lugansk over Los Angeles at this point.

But, what’s up with this reader?

Well, if he goes through with anything he is about to get scammed.

“Skype isn’t available?”

Are you kidding?

Naw, more than likely he is talking to some dude named Nikolai who is going to take his money and take his own UA girl out for a nice dinner and sushi.

Basically, you need to know how to screen for legit girls when it comes to dating abroad.

Details here:


Keep causing Trouble,

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