The subtle art of changing sheets between beats –

The subtle art of changing sheets between beats

An old student asked me the other day:

“Should I change the sheets in between girls? I mean…I’m seeing three, I don’t want to be doing laundry every day of the week.”

I told him to ask himself what a high-value man would do.

Would a high-value guy be stressing about doing laundry every day? Becoming a maid just to please some insignificant girls who he’s just having some fun flings with?

Hell naw.

Now, a HVG might have some class. He might pick up any glaringly long blonde hairs on the pillow before his brunette harem member comes over, for example.

Or maybe pick up the earrings from the nightstand…

Condom from the floor…

Panties from the dresser…

Get me?

But he certainly wouldn’t join the Hilton hotel staff and start putting fresh linens on the sheet every day, complete with towel animals and fruitcakes.

I think of cleaning before a new girls come along the lines of a girl’s skirt.

Clean long enough to cover your tracks but short enough to keep her interested.

A long blonde hair in the bed, or an earring on the nightstand is too much, she’ll know. A slightly different perfume scent left on your pillow is enough to intrigue her.

“Is he seeing other people?”

“Is she prettier than me?”

Etc, etc.

Keep in mind, this is only applicable if you’re running a harem and haven’t made relationship commitments to any of them. If you are in a relationship and being a naughty boy, this advice doesn’t apply at all.

In any case, on to the pitch.

If you want to REALLY learn how to cover your tracks by seeing multiple girls and teaching them all not to care about it, dig in to my book.

It’s long enough to cover the subject but just short enough to be really interesting.

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Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble of DAnet

  • February 4, 2018
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