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Dear Friend,

I know what you're dealing with.

Today's modern women in America, the UK, and other Western countries are plagued like rats from The Plague itself.

Between the obesity epidemic...

The purple/green/pink/blue/rainbow hair epidemic...

The bizarre piercing epidemic...

And my personal (least) favorite: the sweatpants and Ugg boots lazy slob epidemic...

Should I go on?

Real quick, speaking of bizarre piercings.

Recently, I saw a girl who had a "bull-ring" piercing in her nose, and normal earrings. 

Not a huge deal, right?

It wasn't...except for the gigantic, gaudy chain running between her nose and ear.

It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

But, those epidemics ain't all:

When you also add in...

Insane government laws that hurt men of all ages (drinking/consent laws for young men, and divorce laws for those older gents), a general culture that is promoting every type of person except a normal straight dude... 

...and, when you add in the general poor attitude of most Western girls these days - why WOULDN'T somebody go abroad to meet a higher-quality girl?

A girl who is thin and works hard to keep herself that way because she's proud.

A girl who knows how to cook because she knows it will make you happy.

A girl who wants to have children, preferably young, because she recognizes the value of her youth and beauty.

A girl who knows how to blend sexiness and classiness into an alluring combination - and doesn't complain about her feet hurting after walking in high heels for 5 seconds minutes.

Believe it or not, dating abroad offers all of these possibilities and more... "DAnet" Can Help You Get There Sooner, Rather Than Later

It contains information you WON'T find anywhere else. The informa​​​​tion we've STOPPED posting online because there are too many lurkers ruining polluting these foreign cities and venues, and ultimately - the girls.

Each podcast episode and bonus is filled to the brim in knowledge to help you...

  • Take the first steps to move abroad and succeed in all areas
  • Make friends and build a powerful social circle when in new, foreign places
  • Understand the ins and outs of living full-time (or even just part-time) as an expat
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    How to find and keep a foreign girl abroad who will turn heads at ANY venue in the West, complete with all the feminine qualities you desire
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    And ultimately, help you find long term love, happiness, and whatever else you desire out of life
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    All of this, and MORE, is the goal of "DAnet"

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