Four years of studying? “It’s a feminist thing” –

Four years of studying? “It’s a feminist thing”

An old friend came to town this weekend. He’s on this email list and says he reads every one.

In any case, we got to talking politics and deeper stuff.

He’s a college professor, and apparently he recently had to fail a couple of poor green-haired (or was it purple? pink? can’t remember) girls because they couldn’t defend their thesis on the final.

You see, one girl wrote this entire paper and presentation about how the gender pay gap, how the patriarchy oppresses them, and how bad women have it overall. Her entire four years of study boiled down to these couple of arguments based purely on feelings rather than any merits.

So he asked a few simple questions.

  1. “Do you think women have ever had it better?”
  1. “How is YOUR personal life, as a self-identified feminist, worse because of men? Have they ever done anything to oppress you?”

She stumbled over her words and looked at him with a blank face.

Then, to defend her entire thesis and ***last four years of study***, she came up with these words:

“Well…uh, uh, it’s a feminist thing.”


Good on him for failing her.

Good riddance. Then he said something though, that struck a chord with me.

He said:

That I’m doing a noble in the world by educating people on my email list, blog, and podcasts. That despite my utter dickishness in the eyes of most feminazis and fat people, I’m really doing good in the world.


His classroom is a lost cause. I can’t imagine being a logical, analytical professor in today’s world and having to deal with today’s nonsense of feelings, safe spaces, and mucho oppression.

My classroom is this email list where I routinely blacklist people from if they send me nonsense (the latest example was the guy who said his mom was from Colombia so therefore it was not a shithole).

Just doing my part in the world.

Anyways, on to the pitch:

If you want to date girls who are not:

  1. Oppressed with the patriarchy
  2. Giving Donald Trump free rent in their head, all day every day – simultaneously getting wet while whining about what a jerk he is
  3. Are thin, feminine, and like to cook for their man

Then you owe yourself a Dating Abroad subscription where you’ll learn how to find them, in any part of the world, at any age.

Details here:

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

  • January 22, 2018
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