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#045: Evolving As A Man Abroad

En episode #045 of the show, I talk about a fantastic post that I saw on the Roosh forum the other day. It goes into great depth about how, over time, game should become a “backburner” to your life.

The original post is here:


As the years passed, I threw everything I thought I knew about game away and most of the guys on the forum that I’m close to have also.

Now it’s a way of life, saying what you want, maintaining confidence, having options, and being real with yourself and with women. That’s not “game” because it doesn’t have to be performed or shut off, it’s our way of life 24/7 and there are no illusions or masks that we walk around wearing. We are just grown men walking around finding women we want to either fuck, have a mini relationships with, or make memories with and we tell them that straight-up.

Game is sort of like a “Fake it until you Make it” thing. When someone really turns into a masculine man and knows what works and what doesn’t, the feeling that he has when talking to women is much deeper than over-analytical nonsense because he lives in the moment and he’s real. He’s not attached to an outcome like a PUA wanting a phone number or notch, he’s attached to the process, and the process is going after he wants without apology, and that’s what women are really attracted to. They’ve been telling men how to get into their pants for the past 20 goddamn years and men have been unable to listen. What have they always said, “I want a man with confidence.”

Back to the masculine and confidence thing, all men should aim to get there and they will get there by experience, failure, and overcoming most of your insecurities. Game should eventually be thrown out the window in lieu of something more real and masculine. Life teaches you that not books. It can’t be learned, it has to be experienced and felt. If years and years go by and you’re becoming a man more analytical with game regarding what to say, how to say it, and what to say in the future, then something is off. But if you can walk into a club and within 10 minutes know the women who like you, the women who want you but aren’t available, as well as the women who like you but are passing on you because their friend likes you, then you’re starting to get it. Then it just takes eye contact and smile, and straight up say what you want, “I want to go take a bath with you,” and she replies, “Ok” That’s not game, that’s a man saying what he wants without being attached to the answer because his happiness and freedom is more important than trying to impress some broad with some bullshit and that in itself is what we call ‘confidence’ and what women are really attracted to.

As in, engrained in your mindset and frame—something you no longer have to actively think about.

I discuss how to achieve this, and how going abroad accelerates the process even more.

You won’t want to miss this episode if you want to get to where you want in life…

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  • DP says:

    So… great advice for guys like me, who don’t USE ‘game” and just want to come off as sincere and honest men (with confidence!) ;))

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