#039 (*FREE EPISODE*): Everything Ukraine – Girls, Culture, & More

NOTE: This originally appeared as Troublesome Radio 067.

In episode 39 of The Dating Abroad Podcast, I’m pleased to welcome Graham Seibert to the show. Graham is a 74 year old guy living in Ukraine married to a girl 37 years his junior. He left his entire live in America behind, and has found much more happiness abroad. Much like myself. I learned a lot from him on this show, and hope you do, too! Here’s some other Ukraine content you’ll probably enjoy:


  • Intro: Who are you; explain where you currently live in Kiev
  • Previous wives: Discuss your first two marriages, culture differences with Asian culture
  • Current situation: How’d you get to Ukraine and meet your wife? Is she okay with the age gap (not sure how old she is); and what did her family think? Do you have any regrets?
  • Courtship: What’s the Ukrainian dating culture like? I’ll be chiming in here as well. Talk about the courtship process, the language situation, and other things you’ve done to immerse yourself.

PS: If you want to meet Ukrainian women, check out this site:



  • December 28, 2017
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