#007: Quick Thoughts on Georgia and Tbilisi

In this episode of The Dating Abroad Podcast, Kyle answers a reader’s questions about Georgia based off of secondhand knowledge:

The question:

Hey Kyle, I enjoy listening to your podcasts and find them very informative. I’ve been looking into Georgia as a place to base myself, Tbilisi specifically. Do you have any thoughts on Georgia and Tbilisi? I know it has a conservative reputation but I’m trying to get an idea if its a viable option for me. The cost of living is really low and they offer a 12-month e-visa which is very convenient as a home base.

Mentioned in the show:

John’s Comment

Booking.com TBS Mountain Hotels (search Telavi and surrounding areas)

365 Day Visa (I got it wrong in the show and said 364)

Overview of Georgian Food

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  • NinjaOfAwesome says:

    I struggled mightily to get my Georgian flag. I only had 5 days, but Tinder was good and I had dates every night. But the ‘conservative Georgian’ reputation is real and Tbilisi is small, most girls wouldn’t kiss much less come back to your room. I finally got the flag on my last night, a Georgian girl who lives abroad and was in town for Visa renewal.

    One source not to overlook for a 12 month resident – many Ukraine girls were swiping in Tbilisi, they can take an inexpensive ferry across the Black Sea for vacation. I would come up with a ‘real Tbilisi tour’ for them, which (of course) would include shots at a bar within walking distance of my flat.

    • datingabroadpodcastadmin says:

      Thanks for the comment! It’s good to know that at least you’re going to have the opportunities to get out with the girls, even if you don’t seal it.

      Great insights re: the ferry, too.

      If you’d like to be on the show to discuss this, shoot me a message: kyle@datingabroad.net

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